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As BGC, we have started our adventure by inheriting the experience of our family who had been into agriculture and food business for over 30 years, adding an innovative approach. In the year of 2009, we carried our agricultural activity to the industrial scene with our factory where the end product is produced. We rely on the tradition but did not skip the future trends. We discovered new tastes bleding our local flavours with a modern touch.

BGC is producing Sun Dried Tomatoes and Oven Semi Dried Tomatoes on an area of 32.000m² including the seedling greenhouse, production site and cold storages which are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. 
Complete traceability is ensured starting from choosing the seeds to be sown in the field up to the final product; in other words, the journey of the product to be born and to grow is controlled by the experts of the relevant fields at every stage.
In our greenhouses, tomato seedlings traced by our agricultural experts are distributed to our farmers on a contract basis. The tomatoes, which are carefully grown by the regional farmers on the fertile fields of Bakırçay.  Matured tomatoes are brought to the drying stations, cut by the workers and treated with salt or sodium metabisulphite according to the customer preference. They are left to be controlled under the hot Aegean Sun for 5-7 days.
Dried tomatoes are brought to the BGC Plant and stored in warehouses at + 4 ° C before process.
This careful operation is complied with BSCI Standards and documented by ISO 22000A Grade BRC and High Level IFS Certificates.
Besides, the facility has an FDA Registration and Star K Kosher Certificate.
Therefore, BGC is a realiable partner for your Private Label products.
It is the only brand of BGC Agriculture and Foods Ltd. setting of with the aim of bringing the tastes of the unique Aegean nature to your table.
The most outstanding feature of Galen is that its customers, just like the Galenos, the Empire of the Doctors, from which its name is derived, describe it as “reliable”.
Our aim is to make the Galen products to be known as consistently nutritious, as well as delicious and true to the Aegean traditions. Hence, this carefull stage is observed by its experts from seed to delivery.




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